EFS design and manufacture machinery for processing potatoes, from reception of the raw produce to packaging.

Líneas completas de fabricación

From reception to packaging.

EFS design and manufacture machinery for processing potatoes, from reception of newly harvested raw produce to packaging, and including all peeling, cutting, washing, starch removal, drying and deep-frying operations, and other processing steps for fresh, pre-fried and deep-fried potato products.

AISI 304.

The full installation is built from AISI 304-grade stainless steel (unless otherwise indicated).

Custom installations.

We offer flexibility to adapt installations to custom requirements to cover the production demands of our customers and the available space


Reception hopper

Stores freshly harvested potatoes and automatically feeds the processing line according to raw material requirements.

Standard 2-tonne storage capacity (adaptable to customer requirements).


De-stoning machine

Washes the potatoes and removes foreign objects by means of a suction system. Incorporates a water tank to receive potatoes from the hopper.


Stones and grit settle to the bottom of the tank while an auger conveyor raises the potatoes to the peeling station. Incorporates a hatch for washing and stone/sand removal.
Capacity: 3,600 kg/h


Abrasive peeler

Abrasive peeler centrifuge 800 mm. Washes and peels potatoes in automated cycles. The disc, housing and core are easily disassembled for replacement of the abrasive lining. Having a spare housing and disc is recommended.

Maximum capacity: Approx. 1,800 kg/h (customisation and adaptation to customer requirements).


Flow control auger

Consisting of a hopper with water where the potatoes are washed after peeling. A suction-operated auger provides even transport and dispensing of the product onto the inspection conveyor.


Inspection roller conveyor

This roller conveyor transports the peeled and washed potatoes to where they can be visually inspected and checked by operators.
Free-spinning rollers are mounted on rubber-lined tracks for easy rolling during the conveying and visual inspection process.


Cutting machine feed elevator

Conventional conveyor belt raises the potatoes to the cutting machine. Manufactured in stainless steel and food-grade plastic designed for contact with food.


Cutting machine support frame

Frame of variable size adapted to suit each customer’s capacity and cutting requirements.


Vibrating sorter

Perforated vibrating sorter to remove small and excess parts of the potatoes after the cutting process.


Potato washer

This machine washes and removes starch from the potatoes to guarantee optimum quality product.


Dipping tank

Water-filled tank for the addition of preservatives to the cut potatoes.


Drying conveyor

Conveyor belt with blower system for fast and even product drying.


Electrical cabinet

Electrical cabinet for centralised line control. Acts as the “master” for the rest of the machines comprising the line. Because of this, fewer connections and less wiring are needed for friendlier operation.

Deep-frying and pre-frying.

An EFS speciality, we offer batch and continuous potato fryers and the necessary experience to develop special frying machinery for your product. By mastering heat technology, any product can be deep-fried.



This is one of the business lines of the EFS Group, making us one of the most highly valued suppliers in the packaging machinery sector. Our wide range of products includes individual weighing and packaging machines, and full packaging lines.

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