New fryer concept

Batch HE 200 is a new fryer concept, with greater production and better oil treatment that allows the differentiation and quality of your product.

Intermittent frying process for productions up to 130/140 kg / h of crisps/chips (ask for other products).

Its driver and stirrer arm has variable motorization in both speed and direction of rotation, allowing greater product occupation on the frying surface.

  • Production up to 135 kg / h of finished product
  • Built in AISI 304
  • Fryer diameter 2000 mm.
  • Available with gas or oil burner
  • Easy cleaning system for all equipment


  • Exclusive 2GR stirrer arm with Non Sticky nanoparticle coating, to avoid product sticking
  • Temperature control by PID probes
  • Final product customization: memorization of recipes with touch screen control.
  • CHS Combined Oil Heating System
  • Continuous oil filtering unit.

EFS design and development.

In order for you to make the right operations management decisions, we offer expert information, either for the construction of a new factory or intervention in your existing production lines. The information you need probably extends further than the machine and processing line specifications. EFS offer you the necessary knowledge and experience..

Including knowledge that allows us to advise you on deep-frying of different products, characteristics, processing, heat and location. Including knowledge of custom design and fabrication to create the optimum solution.

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