An EFS speciality, we offer batch and continuous potato fryers

And the necessary experience to develop special frying machinery for your product. By mastering heat technology, any product can be deep-fried.

Continuous fryer tunnels.

Deep fat frying equipment.

Equipment for deep-frying potatoes, pellets, snacks, nuts, corn nuts, tortilla chips, doughnuts, or custom machinery for other deep-fried products.

Easy cleaning..

Easy-to-clean, low maintenance machines. Incorporating multi-flow system to keep the temperature stable at all points.


  • Minimum oil required by the deep fat fryer, fast oil renewal.
  • Heating of the frying oil outside the fryer.
    Stainless steel tank manufactured from a single piece without welds.
  • Including heat exchanger and adjustable multi-flow system.
    Cooling conveyor.

Deep fat frying equipment.

Equipment for deep-frying potatoes, pellets, snacks, nuts, corn nuts, tortilla chips, doughnuts, or custom machinery for other deep-fried products. Easy-to-clean, low maintenance machines.

Automated direct-fired heater manufactured in AISI 304-grade stainless steel to produce 100 kg of deep-fried potato products.

  • The deep fat fryer is fully insulated.
  • A system of 4 casters allows easy repositioning.
  • The automated basket drains and transfers the product automatically.
  • An agitator moves the product and prevents sticking and piling by keeping it in movement during the deep-frying process.
  • An auger collects crumbs produced during the deep-frying process

Automated “Gourmet” indirect-fired heater.

When cooking the potatoes, whether using circular or rectangular fryers, when the potatoes fall into the hot oil, the oil quickly cools to below 160ºC, to 130ºC.

The temperature is then absorbed by the potatoes and begins to rise again, creating a temperature profile in the form of an inverted bell curve. This temporary temperature decrease followed by increase gives rise to very crispy potatoes with a better flavour.

Therefore, when batch frying potato crisps (chips), if the aim is a product with special characteristics, the parameters of the process will need to be adjusted to produce the inverted bell curve in the temperature/frying cycle.
The frying method can be customised, allowing times for pre-frying, poaching and deep-frying. The results are amazing.

Temperature variables throughout the inverted bell curve.
Agitators with circular motion throughout the fryer. Preventing a centrifuge effect on the product while creating a gentle, non-aggressive contact with it during stirring.

  • Multiple agitator speed settings and double direction turning and rotation during circular conveying.
  • Fast feed conveyor.
  • Circulation pump.
  • Decantation tank pump.
  • Oil levels. Frying-heat-pump circulation.
  • Probes and PID valves.
  • Centrifugal filter. (6”).
  • Heat exchanger.
  • Technical application of NOT nanoparticle system in the frying area to prevent frying sediment from sticking.
  • PLC control with easy access to many recipes, ensuring repeatable settings and quick changes. Problem solving and safety are also controlled by PLC.

EFS design and development.

In order for you to make the right operations management decisions, we offer expert information, either for the construction of a new factory or intervention in your existing production lines. The information you need probably extends further than the machine and processing line specifications. EFS offer you the necessary knowledge and experience..

Including knowledge that allows us to advise you on deep-frying of different products, characteristics, processing, heat and location. Including knowledge of custom design and fabrication to create the optimum solution.

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